“Finally!!! An Affordable Anti Theft Device That Really Works”



Thieves Fail Because They Run Out Of Time


The product is a vehicle Anti-Theft Device that makes it virtually impossible to steal a vehicle. It works on the premise that a thief will only spend a certain amount of time to take a vehicle.

• The device is unlike any competitive products, it is not installed inside the vehicle therefore cannot be bypassed even by “hot wiring “the vehicle.

• The device renders a vehicle to appear that the battery is nearly dead and unable to turn the engine over.

• The device integrates easily into the electronics of the vehicle and does not hinder any existing operations.

• Patented Circuitry developed insures that no check engine lights come on.

• Installation is relatively simple and “basic installation” takes no longer than 20 minutes.

Best reasons For Having V-START Anti Theft Device on your vehicle.

Insurance Discounts:

V-START qualifies for the largest insurance discount allowed by all auto insurance companies.*

V-START qualifies for this discount because it is a completely “Passive” or “Automated” system.

“Passive” means there is nothing the owner needs to do to arm the system;


* Usually 20% off Comprehensive portion – Check with your insurance agent for your exact discount.

Our Guarantee:

This is very simple… V-START is guaranteed for life. If for any reason your V-START Anti Theft Device fails to operate correctly, we will replace it.

FOR ANY REASON! even if it was damaged in an accident and you need a new one for your new vehicle. All you have to do is send us the old device and we’ll replace it including shipping. You are only responsible for the cost of shipping us the used device. We will cover the shipping of the new device.
Made in the United States of America — Patent Pending 61/704,483

Carjacking Attempt:

92% of the victims of this crime are injured or killed because of their reluctance to give up keys to the vehicle
With V-START installed the keys alone will not start the vehicle, quickly give up the keys on demand and run from the area. By the time the CarJacker realizes the vehicle won’t start you will have already reached safety and contacted the police.

If your car is running when you are attacked simply turn the engine off before exiting and run to safety.

The auto theft rate in the United States always increases in hard economic times like we are seeing today. With car theft on the increase and people keeping their vehicles longer than 3 years an anti theft device that is affordable and effective is needed. Even with the incredible advances in technology such as GPS Tracking Devices the cost is prohibitive for most people. Nothing is as effective as V-START Anti Theft Device! PERIOD