This anti theft device was invented specifically because with the advancements of digital electronics and computers running almost every aspect of our cars, including Starting the Vehicle – it has made it easier for thieves to steal cars with innovative ways to hack the cars security systems.

This device is completely independent and invisible to the onboard computers, so no matter what device is being used to steal the vehicle, it won’t work, leaving the thieves frustrated and moving on to another vehicle!

We have spent a lot of time thinking how to get the BEST protection and make it affordable.
One of the biggest innovations we added to the product was the detachable harness which allows you to remove the device easily from one vehicle and install it on another, so before selling or trading in your car you simply put the bypass plug in and save the device to install on your new vehicle.

We offer a No Questions asked: Lifetime Warrantee on the product if for any reason the device stops working or is damaged in an accident, simply send it back to us and we will replace it with a Brand New Unit.


Unlike all other Anti Theft Devices on the market today, V-START is the only anti theft system that is installed entirely under the hood, this makes it impossible to By-Pass or Hotwire from within the vehicle. By the time the car thief has tried everything he knows in order to Steal the Vehicle he has spent way to much time and needs to move on to an easier target! The vehicle appears to have a dead battery.
Other Kill Switch or Immobilizer type systems actually make it easier to steal the vehicle because when the anti theft device is installed, the wires needed by the thief have already been identified.
Alarm Systems are easily by-passed and largely ignored…

Thank You It will be our pleasure to help any way we can to keep your vehicles safe.

Live Happy and safe,

Gregory Steffani
President / Inventor