I have a Tracking System installed on my vehicle  So why would I need  V-START installed on my car?2022-08-26T03:21:44+00:00

The real question here is  WHY DO I NEED THE TRACKING DEVICE?

With  V-START installed on your vehicle it is virtually impossible to steal, so if it can’t be stolen;  there is nothing to track.

What if my V-START device malfunctions?2022-11-18T15:13:26+00:00

We have yet to have a unit fail. Each unit is hand tested by a technician before shipping. In the unlikely event of a failure, you would need to first double check your ground wire to make sure it has a good connection – if that doesn’t fix the problem then remove the device from it’s connector and insert the “by-pass plug” that is provided with every unit. This will allow you to run your vehicle until you can receive a new device from us.

I want to purchase V-START, but I am incapable of installing it myself.2022-08-26T03:22:48+00:00

Any experienced mechanic or alarm installer is capable of installing V-START. The provided instructions are easy to read and very concise. Rates will vary but you should expect to pay for about 1 hour of labor depending on the trigger you decide to use.

Can I use V-START on a vehicle other than a car?2022-08-26T03:24:03+00:00

Yes. V-START can be used on any vehicle that has an electronic component that is required to run the engine. You simply disable that component. We have installed V-START in passenger vehicles, work trucks, semi’s, motorhomes, sand buggys, boats, even Harley Davidsons & Honda Goldwings. V-START is built so strong that we have actually installed it on roadside heavy equip

Can I use V-START if I already have a car alarm installed?2022-08-26T03:24:46+00:00

Yes. Although a car alarm may  protect any valuables you leave inside your car, It will not stop a professional from stealing your car. V-START works great in conjunction with any car alarm as additional protection.

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